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Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

Taxidermy work:
Shoulder mounts:
Upright shoulder position: left, right or straight.
Sneak:            left, right or straight.
Wall pedestal:    (off-set) left or right.
Curved back:      (pedestal) Left or right.

Full mounts:
General standing on four legs.
Any action mounts according to clients specifications.

Half mounts:
General standing on two front legs or jumping out of wall.

Rug mounts:
Open or closed mouth. Flat skin tanned with head stuffed.

Skin tanning:
Skins are tanned to be soft and flat. Black, green, red and brown felt can be applied under the skin to round it off. We’ve got our own tannery on the premises.

Skull mounts:
All skulls are prepared and bleached clean and white and then mounted on African teak, to create beautiful European mounts.

Bird and reptile mounts:
Birds can be mounted open or closed wings. Mostly on a piece of artificial driftwood or rock.
Reptiles done on request.

Dip and Pack:
All skull, horns and capes are prepared for export for the hunter that wants his trophies mounted in his own country.

Record trophies:
Jan is registered as a master measurer for SCI and he is also registered to measure Rowland Ward. If your trophy qualify and you want to register it, we can order your certificate or plaque.

There are a wide range of products available. We can turn your back skin into an ottoman, footstool, gunbag, round carpet, duvet cover or pillow cover. Handbags, photo albums or briefcases can also be made from your skins. It can be tanned hair-off for leather. Jackets, belts, wallets, travel bags, etc. can be made out of the leather.

From the horns we can make tables, lamps, lights, ashtrays, bottle openers, fly-whip with tail.

The feet can also be stuffed for tables, lamps, bookends, ashtrays, etc.

In shoulder mounts, we do reproduction elephant, hippo and rhino. We also do feet for barstool or icebucket.

Anything else can be made on request or ordered.

Crating, packing and export:
We are Veterinary approved for export with our own Customs number. The client have an option between the different export companies or we can use our export company, who will handle all the documentation, import, export, permits, clearance certificate, payments and insurance. Air- and seafreight are available.